Feeding Families, Spirits

St. Anneʻs Episcopal Church combats food insecurity in Citrus County.Special article to the Citrus County Chronicle, published August 12, 2019.  Contact Communications Coordinator for the full article: stannescommunications@gmail.com 


ECW Donates to Hurricane Dorian Relief

ECW allocated a very nice donation to the Salvation Army, earmarked for the Hurricane Dorian Relief.  The Diocese requested a photo and story for the CFE (Central Florida Episcopalian), and online newsletter linked to the CF Diocese website.  Contact Communications Coordinator for the full article:  stannescommunications@gmail.com 

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Lessons and Carols


Each December, Anglican Episcopal churches embrace the beauty of the service called the “Nine Lessons of Carols.”  According to the Episcopal Church, “The Anglican tradition of performing the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols during the season of Advent dates back to 1880, when Edward White Benson (later to become Archbishop of Canterbury) designed the service for use on Christmas Eve in Cornwall, England.

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Shrove Tuesday

St. Anne’s Will Be Flippin’ Over Pancakes!

Every year Shrove Tuesday comes along, and I manage to chow down on far too many for my waistline’s pleasure.  I’ve often wondered “why pancakes?”  This year, I thought I’d arm myself with a little more info before donning my most comfy elastic-waist pants, and indulging in what surely will make me feel very full – both of delicious pancakes and syrup, but also great fellowship with members and guests of my church. 

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