Online Mass
Second Sunday of Advent
November 28, 2021
Rev. Richard A. Chandler, Jr., Rector

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Holy Eucharist  each Sunday Rite I: 8:00 a.m. Rite II: 10:15 a.m.

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Mission St. Clare & Daily Office

prayers of the people

Prayers for the healing power of the Holy Spirit to be ever-present in the lives of our friends & family: Janet, Family of Patricia Daniels, and Jillian


Continued prayers: Dn. Henry, PT, Jeanne, Francis, Ina Ruth, Augsburger family, Chase, Pat & Dave, Dave Jr., Sharon, Lisa, Noelle & Ryan, Wanda, Sister Ann Rose,  Jack & Doris, Bert & Dn. Cheryl, Jack, Mark, Tom, Richard, JoAnne, Linda, and our whole nation.


Prayers for the clergy, counseling center, church staff, vestry, and all of the ministries of St. Anne’s.


Prayers for the safety and the empowerment of the ministry of our missionaries: Wayne & Rena Goodrich, Sean & Rebekah Conklin, Fr. Dass & Mary, and for Kevin and Michelle Brown with the Armed Forces Baptist Missions


Prayers for the continuing safety and return of loved ones actively serving in the military, in the reserves, and veterans: Romulo, Joshua, Ben, Talon, Clafdia & Austin, Ritchie, Janae, Patrick, Tony, Marc, Matthew, Sean, Christian, Jordan, Maydia, Jake, Zach, Joey, AJ, Dalton, Cade, Nash, Robert, Zach, Luke, Tom, Rachel Snow, Leah, Mark, Tressa, Sidney, Sean, Ryan, Tony, Ben Russell, and for all of our veterans.


Prayers for the safety, encouragement, and enrichment of parishioners and/or loved ones of parishioners who are students: Makayla, Sean, Tiffany, Jerrod, Nathaniel, Juliet, Mark, Abigayle, Calvin, Angelina, Madelyn, Elijah, Zach, Charlotte, Anisha, Tiffany, Taylor, Kalista, Clyde, Dennis, Daisy, Franklin, Aubrey, Morgan & Peyton, Landon, Jariah, Elijah, Janelle, Tatiana, Richard, Ava, Elizabeth

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Bible study

For Sunday Nov. 28


Hosea 11:12-14:9, 2021-11-28


  • 11:12 “surrounded Me with lies, and…deceit” God so accuses Israel. Has deceit crept into the church? Is the world’s accusation of hypocrisy in the church justified? Is God as angry with us as he was at Israel?

  • 12:2a How do we reconcile this with 11:12b?

  • 12:8 Do we self-delude?

  • 13:2 Have we gone this far astray?

  • 13:10, 11 Is this where Israel began to forsake God? Was Israel better or worse after the establishment of an earthly kingdom?

  • 13:12 Must sin be dealt with? Is grace without justice grace?

  • 13:14 How does Paul interpret this verse in 1 Corinthians 15:55?

  • 14:1, 2; 12:6 “Return” The Bible preaches repentance repeatedly in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Do we the modern church preach repentance? Do these verses promise that Israel can avoid exile by repenting?

  • 14:4-8 Do these verses describe the fruit of repentance?